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 Dragonball Z Burst Limit

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PostSubject: Dragonball Z Burst Limit    Dragonball Z Burst Limit  I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 16, 2011 5:59 pm

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[b]Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit is a great fight game with controls that range from simple to complex, allowing beginners and experts to have the same level of fun. And most of all, Dragon Ball Z fans will love it.

Make no mistake, Burst Limit is a fight game that features one-on-one duels between Son Goku and his most bitter rivals, and sometimes his staunchest allies. The controls are intuitive, allowing the player to excel when you first put the disc into the console, and gradually discover each character special moves. The gameplay is fast and forgiving ; your timing doesnt have to be perfect to land a solid blow on your opponent.

But the ability to finish with the character special move, or the ability teleport or power up, is rewarded. The more moves you know, the quicker you will finish off your opponent, and the higher your score will be. Once your power meter, or reaches its maximum, you can power up and add more punch to your punch. You can also dodge and block attacks, which is well worth the fatigue your character sacrifices in the process.

You can also choose a before each game. This gives you an option to get extra health, extra power, or even an assist from another character during your fight. This not only useful in the heat of battle, but adds an extra element of story to the game. In fact, story is an area in which Burst Limit excels.
There are three modes of gameplay.

The Z Chronicles takes you through an honest-to-goodness original Dragon Ball Z storyline, complete with action and cutscenes that look like they could have been produced and animated for a DBZ episode. Youll get to fight heavies like Raditz, the Saibamen, and Nappa. The further you get in the game, the more characters and features youll unlock.

Trial mode pits you against a gauntlet of all your Dragon Ball Z foes, one after another. Keep fighting them off, and you get to keep going.

Versus mode allows you to take on the CPU or your buddies in one-on-one action. Hop online, and you can take on the rest of the world, with online rankings that let you measure yourself against other gamers.

The graphic look is awesome. more like an interactive episode of DBZ than a game. The transition between the action and the cutscenes are seamless. Every DBZ character is there, as well as a multitude of familiar locations in which to fight. If you have an HD display, it looks even better.

Install: Copy to BLUS30117 folder to your GAMEZ folder.[/b]


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Dragonball Z Burst Limit

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